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In the L4T Group we are evolving the way in which the raw materials, needed in various production processes are obtained. Our product range is designed to help our customers a fast transition and implementation of circular economy foundations, incorporating our high quality secondary raw materials in their production cycle across different industries.


We contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, protection of water and organic materials, reducing the carbon footprint by avoiding direct emissions of more than 120,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Circular Economy

The circular economy is our future, simply because we need to become better stewards of our environment and create more sustainable society for current and future generations.

Green Products

Our high-quality secondary raw materials are green and ecological, as they are obtained from recycling of end of life tyres:

  • - recovered Carbon Black - rCB
  • - Advanced biofuel
  • -Highly homogenous steel

L4T Group is transforming from a European company into a global player in the circular economy sector, making an important contribution to driving sustainability globally.

In compliance with


Sustainable Development Goals

We are in line with the sustainable development goals 2015 - 2030, promoted by the United Nations. At L4T Group we seek to promote prosperity and innovation, while protecting the planet.


European Green Deal

In accordance with the action plan proposed in the European Green Deal, L4T Group focuses its investments and activities towards the use and development of green technologies and in favor of use of high quality secondary raw materials in production value chain.


New Circular Economy Action Plan

Applying circularity to industrial processes is key in the new strategy of the European Union. Working by the principles of sustainability is one of the priorities for the L4T Group and we help in this transition with our solution, technology and value chain.


L4T Group was built up by partners passionate about creating innovative and sustainable solutions to environmental risks, resulting from consumption habits of our society. Under this commitment, L4T Group decided to focus its efforts on developing and implementing a highly sustainable solution for more than 26 million tons of end of life tyres that are generated and discarded worldwide every year. L4T Group helps solving this problem in an efficient way, based on circular economy principles, closing the material circle by generating high quality secondary materials from waste that was before mainly landfilled or incinerated.

With our industrial treatment and recycling plants we recover 100% of material at the end of useful life of tyres

Circular Economy

Traditional production of tyres is based on a linear model that consumes natural resources and when not managed properly, they end up becoming a waste, in a standard “use and throw away” society.

The circular economy rethinks this model of production and consumption and seeks to reduce the environmental pressure that our society puts on our planet. It involves extending the life cycle of resources, so that they can be used productively over and over again, avoiding major environmental consequences such as extraction of natural resources, increased energy consumption and increased CO2 emissions.

With this new approach, we at L4T Group see the environmental threat generated by the millions of tyres, discarded annually, as an “urban mine” to be exploited, resulting in an opportunity to introduce a circular economy solution in the end of life tire sector.

This is how our L4T Group becomes not only a driving force behind this transformation, but we also act to close this cycle, recovering and enhancing the resources of the ELTs in high quality secondary raw materials.

Sustainability in action

Our fundamental pillars are aligned, with at least 8 of the Sustainable Development Goals 2015 - 2030 of the United Nations Organization.


At L4T we generate positive impacts by reducing pollution rates, increasing waste recovery, employments, training activities and reducing the risk associated with tyres being landfilled or incinerated.


Among the actions to reduce gender inequality, L4T seeks to increase the employment rate of women in the industrial sector guaranteeing equal pay.


At L4T we create quality and inclusive employment, we are focused to develop solutions also in disadvantaged areas as well as ensuring continuous training of our personnel.


We believe that innovation drives sustainability, we invest in R&D, digital transformation and smart factory. We are also developing hubs of industrial research for circular economy.


At L4T we provide job placement opportunities for people with disabilities and offer first job for young people without work experience.


Our depolymerization process is ZERO waste, we are energy self-sufficient and have a negative carbon footprint.


L4T designs and executes innovative solutions for a major environmental problem such as ELTs, eliminating thousands of tons of CO2 emissions yearly.


We form a network of alliances with academia, business and government sectors, integrated around innovation, environment and entrepreneurship.

L4T global network

The L4T Group is creating a network of ELT recovery and recycling centers, in different locations around the world. We currently operate in Spain (Castilla de la Mancha, Castilla y León, Canary Islands – 3 sites) and in Germany. We are making steps forward with our expansion plan towards Latin America and Asia, starting in Ecuador and Japan. By 2025 we will reach a total annual processing capacity of more than 220,000 tons of ELTs.

We are the first business group that manages to generate this scale of transformation and delivery of secondary raw materials.

The L4T group company that is developing the investment project for a new plant in Ecuador already has the “Impact Study and Environmental Management Plan for the Construction, Operation and Abandonment of a Circular Economy Plant for the Production of Secondary Raw Materials Through the Valuation of End-of-Use Tires” and in compliance with Ecuadorian regulations, this document is published for consultation by all those who are interested. Any comments, please contact info@L4TGROUP.COM

Our team

Our team is made of people with a sense for giving the best value in everything they do, with a creative out-of-the-box mindset, enthusiasm for technology and sustainable development. We are leading by using promising Best Available Technologies and state of the art methodologies that encourage creativity in our environment. Our work group is multinational, multicultural and multidisciplinary, including engineering, financing, management, researching specialists, as well as technicians and many others experts with great passion for innovation and care for environment.

Become part of our team

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Our core business helps the development of circular economy, by integrating an innovative technology called depolymerization, suitable to fully recover components from ELTs. We are making high quality secondary raw materials with higher added value for our customers and superior improved performance.

Advanced technology

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    Worldwide Patents

The design of our depolymerization factories is based on innovative technology, in accordance with aerospace industry standards and norms, where attention is paid to every detail.

R&D Centers of Excellence and Competence

Each of our plants has an R&D Center of Excellence and Competence equipped with a state-of-the-art laboratory, which guarantees high quality of our recovered products, and at the same time they are constantly innovating in close cooperation with ecosystems in all locations where we operate.

We encourage the creation of research and innovation scenarios and projects, with the aim of increasing and transferring knowledge in the region, nationally and internationally.

Our network of R&D Centers of Excellence and Competence works in close cooperation with other centers of knowledge and constantly participate on various relevant venues. Our R&D centers are highly specialized in innovation and transformation to Circular Economy.“


We transform 100% of the ELTs into high-quality secondary raw materials, to be reused in different production processes, thus avoid the use of virgin materials. In addition, we also provide a solution to the problem of the disposal of this waste and all related environmental issues.

Our clients have a high awareness about the environmental aspects and are looking forward to decrease carbon footprint of their production process. They are committed to circular economy initiatives, environmental protection, reduction of CO2 emissions and related regulations. Following this philosophy, L4T Group works relentlessly to innovate and to upgrade its line of products along with main customers in order to offer Best on the Market Products.

We have signed agreements with clients, who are leaders in their field, which guarantee the total sale of production under competitive conditions for the next ten years.

Green Products

Recovered Carbon Black rCB

rCB it is a substitute of the virgin Carbon Black obtained from fossil fuels. It is used by the rubber industry, as a reinforcing material, due to its physicochemical characteristics, it provides resistance to abrasion, resistance to tension and heat dissipation.

It is also used as a pigment in plastic and paint industry, as conductive agent, or UV stabilizer.

It is comparable to virgin carbon black N7xx and N5xx series.

Advanced biofuel

Our Advanced biofuel is considered a second generation advanced biofuel, derived from renewable natural material used in the production of tyres. It replaces crude oil as a raw material feedstock for refineries, even becoming a highly wanted raw material product due to certifications it can provide for the production of bio-plastics, but also due to some high-value components it contains."

High quality steel

In the ELTs recycling process, the steel characteristics are not changed by the depolymerization process.

We recover steel with a low content of pollutants and in larger pieces, thanks to the reduction of corrosion exposure.

Steel is not transformed considering that low temperatures are used during depolymerization.

Intelligent design

Quality and security

Our ELTs transformation process ensures complete separation of the products, it guarantees the "upgrade" to quality similar to the virgin product. The whole process is highly automated and controlled through state-of-the-art supervision system. The quality of our products is continuously monitored by our specialist in on-site laboratory.

IoT and advanced analytics

Planning and data acquisition in real time are carried out through the vertical integration of multiple end-to-end systems to have the traceability of the transformation of our products. More than that, continuous monitoring of activity, quality of output and level of emissions gives us the possibility to extend our search for improvements.


Our process was designed and engineered in order to give full flexibility for further development in terms of size. We can adapt and build tailor-made systems for various scenarios, no matter the location of the plant.

Energy self-sufficiency

Our patented technology is energy self-sufficient. By using our self-produced syn-gas, not only we manage to generate the heat necessary for the processes around the plant, but we are also able to recover electrical power.

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